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Prism Dragon

My shop?
Let's put it as; my shop is a stepping stone for everybody's spiritual journey IN BALANCE/NATURE WAY. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT GOOD or EVIL because those are 1 side minded. As a guide all I can do is give some advice but of course not all the time. There are times you need to find your own way and your own answer. You have to decide it for yourself because its your life, its your spiritual journey. Also I'm not related to any cults and religions. I can take care myself without kiss ass, thank you. Mine is universal and self discipline rather than rely on man made religion and rules.

My relationship with the gods are business partner, no master and servant.


  • The images are mostly AI generated by my own setting and prompts command without using any other people work reference. Some images are free to use from google search.
  • Also, every person is unique and different. No two people that get the same service will have the exact same experience. We all have many strengths and weaknesses, and our capabilities are at different paces.

  • As grey art user, I do not take your or anyone else side. Always neutral.
  • Your personal issue please bring it else where but if you want my advice I can give you free.
  • I don't care about your good and evil business cause that is for low realm mentality.
  • Everyone can purchase my service unless the listing stated certain requirement.
  • Running a business means I accept all types of money doesn't matter about your identity.
  • I have right to protect myself when get threatened or abused even if you are a customer.
  • My dignity always comes first. Don't confuse with pride.

My Bindings:
  • PD bindings is very, very simple, bind to a person/vessel, binding can be broken by myself and binding can broken by the beings themselves. Being have right to free themselves and leave if they don't like their human companion. Also I have seen enough irresponsible practitioner they DID NOT RELEASE THE BINDED BEINGS ONCE THEY PASSED AWAY(or because their client still alive), AT LEAST THE BEINGS MUST HAVE OPTION TO FREE THEMSELVES. This is why I don't do permanent binding or binding can only be control by me. By the way beings age above 100,000 or above demi god rank they will do the binding on their own while my job is summon them. It will be a huge laugh to many gods and insult for them who can't do such a simple thing as binding.
  • Transfer vessel or rebind if vessel missing is free.