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Prism Fantasy

I Dragyn~

It is my greatest pleasure to help you manifest your fantasies; a prism that refracts your dreams into reality. I deal in the magick of what is alchemy and craft; a metaphysical prism of mysticism, thrill, and wonder.


  • I do not own any of the images used unless otherwise stated. I DO NOT SELL OTHER PEOPLE'S ARTWORK, AND I DO NOT CLAIM THEM AS MINE. Artwork is credited and belongs to the rightful owner; they are only use as references and they are NOT FOR SALE. None of the images are licensed from distribution and I only choose for commercial use, however if you see an artwork you recognize that you do not want Prism Dragon to use as a reference then you may contact me to take it down IF YOU ARE THE RIGHTFUL AND ORIGINAL ARTIST.  Email me at
  • Also, every person is unique and different. No two people that get the same service will have the exact same experience. We all have many strengths and weaknesses, and our capabilities are at different paces.

My bindings
  • PD bindings is very, very simple, bind to a person/vessel, binding can be broken by myself and binding can broken by the beings themselves. Being have right to free themselves and leave if they don't like their human companion. I don't do permanent binding or binding can only be control by me.

About offerings to beings from Prism Fantasy
  • The world have changed a lot and become more aware and awaken spiritually. Starting from now on year 2021 all beings summon from me and (The Summoner), they don't need any offering unless stated, instead your requirement to commit in to spiritual development. Whether you have time or no time, YOU MUST, cause the world is changing towards spiritual and you cannot forever rely on other humans and stay the same. Any being who become your companion they will make big effort to push and focus your spiritual development, except your ego needs. If there's no improvement, still okay but if you fight back against them, they have right to decide whether they want to leave or stay.
  • This announcement I'm saying for my side ONLY. Whether other practitioner or conjuror notice or not, is up to them.

"Prism Fantasy has a full-time partnership with ONLY @jeramagic ("