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Although money magic do exist but I don't see the importance to offer this service KNOWING that many do not understand at all how this universe work. These are many very effective ways to get money, you don't have to follow the whole list. Its all up to you and be honest with what you want to change about you
  • Pain and hardship so work hard, laziness deserve nothing
  • Settle or clear your debts, if you want to get lucky or win something
  • You are more important than money, don't be a slave to money
  • Accept and learn your lesson, nothing is more rewarding than able to learn new thing and overcome obstacles. Live to learn not blame nor complain
  • Not afraid of losing, remember money can always find again
  • Spend wisely, don't spend unnecessary unless you are trying something new
  • Be honest and humble, you can live in richness and enjoyable while carry a simple mind as long as not show off or boast your pride
  • Nothing is free, don't expect good people and don't volunteer yourself work for free everything must be fair and balance
  • No special discount, just because they are family or friend or loyal customer don't sell yourself out, treat them all equally. Don't tarnish your dignity
  • Do not admit something you never did, if is not your fault don't admit and don't apologize. Don't tarnish your dignity
  • If is your first time do it yourself, do not pay or hire anyone else to do the work for you and avoid using shortcut. This is to avoid you from getting cheated so gear up your experience first!!
  • Get busy, always get yourself busy cause as long as you're alive, you still learning. So learning is rewarding
  • Repay kindness and favor, don't take others for granted even if they refuse you still have to do it. You will never live happily if you still owe someone, its the same as clear your debt
  • Do it when you can or when you have extra, know your limit and do not force yourself. Get help when you really can't. Hurting yourself is not love and kindness at all
  • Save for emergency and future, saving is important
  • Grab the opportunity, if you know you can, then do it don't wait
  • Patience, after done putting your effort what is needed to produce the result
  • Take proper action, not just talk, pray or wish. Guarantee something will happen as long as you don't talk and do nothing
  • Reward others for their hardwork, lose a bit does not mean you going to lose everything at least they will appreciate you. Even if they don't you've done your part
  • Treat your boss, seniors and juniors sometime, everybody is equal when not on duty. Up to them what they like to think about you as long as you not shoe polish them
  • Don't rely on others, it is important to be able to empower, encourage, motivate and support yourself. You accept help when they want to help you without you asking them
  • Everything can turn to money, if all thing is made from energy so everything can become money too. Example shit can be process become fertilizer and sell it
  • Learn to think and be creative, sell your idea, service or product. Don't always rely on copy, cause you won't last long once the trend or that other person gone
  • Be happy and grateful, even if you don't have much or you can't get. There is always next time. Master your feeling and emotion instead

All these above isn't about teaching you how to earn or get money?? I always said attitude and mindset first. All these above they are mostly from the attitude and mindset of millionaire and billionaire people. I'm not talking about corrupt, bribery, blackmail, steal, unclean, kill for money people. I'm talking about legitimate rich simple humble people who never show off anything and live as average person. When you got the right attitude and mindset, money magic is pointless that include binaural beats. Further more no matter how strong attraction from your solar plexus or aura, money still controlled by your soul and universe. Like Yukikaze https://www.prismfantasy.co/products/wealth-magnet she mentioned must have the right attitude and mindset.

*You don't see pray or wish is a way to make money, all I believe is take proper action not just stay at one place. You got to do more than that.*

Lastly, if you have debt DO NOT gamble cause its guarantee lose. Winner is for those who have surplus positive karma from all their past effort. One thing you should always keep in mind your soul is always record what you're doing and the universe is always watching you. Be a better person not be a good person. Just a reminder, you cannot change attitude and mindset just by 1 flip switch, it take months and years constantly remind yourself what you want to be and remind yourself from acting and doing the things you shouldn't do. Even if you did, no punishment is needed, no need to apologize yourself, scold yourself if you want LOL but keep focus 1 goal only BE BETTER that's all.