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Wish Granting

About wish granting:
All beings can do wish granting, not just djinns. The only thing you must know that nothing is free unless they don't mind do it for free. The universe system is fair to all. Wish granting is not about the djinn that can grant anything you want or 3 wishes and then good bye. By right they actually bring your rewards closer for you to receive. Certain things like if it isn't the right time, you wont get it or you might get another thing instead to replace what you wished for. Lastly, work on your dream/wish. Laziness deserves nothing. By the way the bigger the wish, the more effort and time required.

How to know whether my wish will work?
I heard enough of people asking wish like suddenly something appear out of no where OR infinite digits OR unlimited battery. If you want to make such thing happen, THINK carefully WHAT IS THE LOGIC to make it happen. HOW did it happen and WHERE is the source of your wish came from??? (Let me give you an example, aeroplane will not exist if no one build them OR just because bird exist then somebody make a wish and then an aeroplane appears) GET REAL and STOP DREAMING OKAY??

The only way to appear is to have something or someone to bring/build it, the only way to have infinite number is to add more number (example add money into your account), the only way to have unlimited battery is plugin the charger turn on and never pull out hope electric city forever running. That's the only logic I know and is not like any cartoon, game, fantasy or imagination. We are living in reality, so get real. Magic trick is a trick. No magician will exploit their tricks that's all you need to know unless you become their student. After so many year of your life, no one or any history recorded that someone can shoot fireball out from their palm. Except there is one religion who claim their savior can come back alive and walk on water, unfortunately there is no photo/video to prove that. Even got such photo/video exist, well have you ever heard of photoshop, video editing and CG? Now its even better AI graphics.

Lastly, the best way to know is make a wish and wait for it to happen. If it happens, then good for you and if not, wait as long as you want. I don't care and I'm done answering.