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99.99% of all the time you will ask question from the seller/agent/practitioner which is external way. But in spiritual we are all suppose to focus on ourselves. So instead asking external question, this time you go the opposite way (internal) that is ask these question yourself and answer it by yourself. Here below I have prepared the question you should ask yourself before hire any beings or purchase any magic spell.

  1. Why do I want a being/spirit?
  2. What is my expectation from the being I hire?
  3. Am I able to communicate the being I hired?
  4. Am I able to accept lies, betrayal and rules broke by the being?
  5. What I can see or my plan with the being I hired in long run?
  6. The being I hired is to work for me as I ordered OR they do as it fits OR work together as team?
  7. Am I okay if the beings plan to leave in future?
  8. Communication skill is it practitioner responsibility to teach me OR my responsibility to learn by myself?
  9. Am I able to accept the being I hired isn't as I want OR the practitioner give fake/slave being to me?


  1. What is magic to me?
  2. What if the magic didn't work as I expect?
  3. Is it practitioner responsibility to make the magic work OR I make the magic work?
  4. Should I purchase a magic that I have no clue how to utilize OR I don't use them?

  1. If the wish did not grant to me, who's fault is it? The practitioner, the being or myself?
  2. Have I understand the balance of, give and receive OR I get what I pay for?
  3. Do I understand that ask and you shall get is not always what I receive OR none?
  4. Is it a must hire the being or purchase magic I want, when I have financial issue?

Answer all the question HONESTLY, its okay if your answer type is greedy, demanding or want your own way. Don't lie or force yourself to answer in good, kind or humble way because it will get even worse (your life is all about you, not me). Once you found out its wrong or bad to think that way then you know your mindset and attitude isn't right. You need to change them but of course it will take months or years to be able to let go your old pride. I cannot tell you which is wrong since I'm a learning creature too, just like you I'm not the judge. I don't care even if you are my customer, I will fight against you if you treat me irrational and abusive.


New to spiritual advise?
  1. Always hire being that you receive their name and picture or described image. Other information is not important anyway and you will get them along the way during practice.
  2. Name is for you to address them that is our weakness for being human, we need name to address someone. Picture or described image is for you to imagine them and use them to train yourself.
  3. Practice, practice, practice and practice (this is where you build your own confidence without need to rely anybody else). I'm(Dragyn) so good at telepathy, imagination and feel their touch, I still doing it daily from the start getting into spiritual path until now. My beings did betray and lie to me I and still I never stop because they are the only one who stay with me. Think logically, if they really want to screw me then there's no point they stay with me forever once the fun is over.
  4. https://www.prismfantasy.co/pages/self-practice human only have 5 senses. There's no way none of your 5 senses aren't working. Anything you do in your mind, your physical body will feel it or else you are in delusion instead experiencing the real deal.
  5. Do you know when facing an enemy or malevolent being is actually an OPPORTUNITY??? While many people keep on whining due to pain and helpless, they forgot one of the most important thing that malevolent being did is even better and stronger than their normal being train with them. Malevolent being giving a lot real deal experience and free training without they need to spend huge money at any useless teacher or master that teach them nothing at all or some half ass skill. Always be thankful to your enemy training you become stronger (don't play the victim card cause you are making yourself powerless and weak), use the opposite way of thinking. Because pain doesn't kill you, so take whatever you can learn asap!!
  6. You can take a break recover from emotion breakdown but you don't stop or give up. Cause the longer you stop, the longer time you reach your goal. So stand up and move on, no time to cry and complain.

For advice no.3, remember, being able to do things by yourself makes you independent, matured and reliable enough to take care yourself in 98-100% situation. You don't need to always rely on others to save you from many unwanted things happen especially lies and cheat, not just in spiritual but physical too. Your experience, your hardship, your reward, your respect, your worth, your wisdom is ALL yours, not for me and not for anyone else.

Gods and beings they love and admire hardships, not immature adult. You can ask for advice and guidance but you cannot ask for help to solve it for you. If there's no advice or guide then you have to keep going and also think another strategy. Keep on changing, you are sentient being with intelligent. By the way, help will come to those who are worthy and deserved, not privilege or because you are new.


**Question yourself for those who believe in Buddhist, Christian and Islam but wanted my shop service.**
  • Have I understand my religion/faith is anti everything whatever service he provide?
  • Have I understand its illegal to work or worship other gods than my own religion god?
  • There are people claimed themselves Buddhist Practitioner, Christian Witch, Islam Shaman. What do I think?
  • Is it okay to buy his service when I should know better, the faith he's in is none of the above.
  • Will I end up in hell or heaven when I use his service. The truth is, did it exist? Have I been there? Or is it just a state of mind?

If his shop and service is red light to me, I should leave asap. Because he won't be responsible when anything goes wrong OR not according to my faith. Lastly, he's not running a candy shop and some of the service will cause pain. There's no sweet here unlike those 3 major religion.

Doing research is to prepare and gear up what you going to face according to what you read. But question yourself is more important cause you are asking yourself are you ready to receive whatever you getting into no matter good or bad? Everything is mystery for future otherwise there's no point for anyone to go ahead when they already knew everything. No one knows everything or can predict 100% accurate about the future.