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Terms and Conditions

  • Some listing have trial use. Yes its important that you try out first cause no point buy something you don't know or doesn't work for you.

  • Direct bind or direct cast "generally" take same day or few to complete.
  • There's nothing to ship which mean I don't provide any physical item.
  • If you want vessel, you have to provide your own.
  • When I message you about your order and if no reply after 7 days, the order considered cancel.
  • Some spell, ritual, usage and item consumption require you yourself to keep on track.
  • Auto pay not available.

  • Dispel is free but if you want to recast again, you have to pay again.
  • Broken/lost physical vessel is free to rebind/recast, just send me the picture of the new vessel.
  • Relocate portal is free, just send me the picture of the new location.

  • Your beings will not leave you without reason. Most of the time they give you more than second chance but fourth and above is very rare.
  • Any disagreement between you and your being is your personal issue. Learn to negotiate. You both aren't kids anymore.
  • I can check the beings for you 1 or 2 time but no further, please go to https://www.prismfantasy.co/pages/faq you should get ready with any obstacle ahead no matter spiritual or anything you face in your life. You should have thought and do deep research that spiritual is require you to be lone ranger. I'm not running a religion, so I cannot help you.
  • Straight to the point, I don't do free service or help or charity. NO, means NO.
  • Religion is out of the line cause I don't do things according to any or your religion. My shop, my way.