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Terms and Conditions

  • Direct bind or direct cast "generally" take a day or few to complete.
  • There's nothing to ship which mean I don't provide any physical item.
  • If you want vessel, you have to provide your own.
  • When I message you about your order and if no reply after 7 days, the order considered cancel.
  • Some spell, ritual, usage and item consumption require you yourself to keep on track.

  • Dispel is free but if you want to recast again, you have to pay again.
  • Broken/lost physical vessel is free to rebind/recast, just send me the picture of the new vessel.
  • Moved or change portal location is free to relocate, just send me the picture of the new location.

  • Your beings will not leave you without reason. Most of the time they give you more than second chance but fourth and above is very rare.
  • Any disagreement between you and your being is your personal issue. Learn to negotiate. You both aren't kids anymore.

  • Religion is out of the line cause I don't do things according to any religion. My shop, my way.