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Donation & Offering

If you don't know what to get in my shop this is the place for you to burn your extra cash, click HERE. As always everything is balance, what you give, you get back. Who knows what you going to get, I cannot tell you cause it will spoil the miracle when you know what you going to get. 99.99% you will get something that my shop cannot provide or unavailable. Basically helping me(hubby) is also help my wifey, so wifey will do something for you and I have to pay them. Lastly, take care yourself first and saving is important too for emergency. I can wait anytime as long as I'm still alive https://ko-fi.com/gaarnzik

About offerings to beings from Prism Dragon
  • The world have changed a lot and become more aware and awaken spiritually. Starting from now on year 2021 all beings summon from me and (The Summoner), they don't need any offering unless stated, instead your requirement to commit in to spiritual development. Whether you have time or no time, YOU MUST, cause the world is changing towards spiritual and you cannot forever rely on other humans and stay the same. Any being who become your companion they will make big effort to push and focus your spiritual development, except your ego needs. If there's no improvement, still okay but if you fight back against them, they have right to decide whether they want to leave or stay.
  • This announcement I'm saying for my side ONLY. Whether other practitioner or conjuror notice or not, is up to them.