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Yes, I'm aware of other webshop stealing and modify my listing services. Unfortunately I cannot do anything to them and there are always a pirate everywhere. As long as anything goes to the PUBLIC, it is expected to be copied and modified. Also I'm not a big corporate millionaire company, can't afford to spend on law suit.

So how to know the difference of my webshop and piracy? From the category did you see these names?

Sometimes the listing description example it will mention beings and gods name in it:

These are the listing cannot be copied because it require the mentioned beings or gods name to perform the service. Another thing is being race that have enter contract with Prism Dragon and certain being race is only available and belong to Prism Dragon; example Nevileous, Kirosuki and all beings from Zumi Kingdom only can be summon by Prism Dragon. These beings and gods they cannot have another SAME listing service on other webshop or else it will consider treason to my shop and they will get banned from this universe if they do that. Nature has its own law and their reputation is at stake. Being gods it does not mean they can do whatever they like otherwise this world is total chaos and destruction.

What happen if a webshop use the beings or gods name?
They cannot earn or lose money cause using beings or gods name without making contract. For those who have entered contract they cannot copy those listing that already belong to me, except those listing I do not have in my webshop. Its the same thing too I cannot copy listing service that is already belong to others with beings or gods name on it.

What if someone copied from me and framing me I copy theirs?
As answered from question above, whoever cannot earn money and losing money is the faker. Will see who will close business first, no need all the pointless pointing finger and wasting energy.

What if they copied and modify my listing and did not mention the beings or gods name?
I'm not that kind of person that will press down on others creativity and hardship, after all I despise copyright. If they can deliver the same result as original, I don't see anything wrong because it is 100% from their own effort. The only difference is origin, pricing, energy code and energy spent.

BASTET: The world is full of fakes. But without cheater, liar and traitor one will not grow mature, smarter and wiser. You can either keep bitching and crying about your failure OR accept it and DO BETTER NEXT TIME.