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Portal of Lust, Energy Building, and Increase Immunity

Portal of Lust, Energy Building, and Increase Immunity

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The current human era and most of the religious education teaches that this is bad and sinful but in spirituality, there is no right or wrong, except that it is bad if one becomes addicted or uses for selfish gain. Sex, lust, and/or divine energy is very important to all of us no matter what kind of being you are, no matter what gender or without gender you are. It is the food of the spirit and it also can create new life which is also why we call it *Life Force*. Our sacral chakra plays one of the most important roles to our spiritual energy that is incharge of our creativity, productivity, emotions, and satisfaction where we all are able to express and give a blissful connection towards another being which ignites feelings of being loved, cared for, secure, content, and hopeful. With such energy connection, it is very important to build trust between lovers, and to increase our maximum energy capacity and immune system. 93% of humans in this era don't understand at all; sex or masturbation is not a bad thing (of course again, all thing in moderation. Too much of anything is always a bad thing because we need balance). All of us have spiritual needs just like when we are hungry or thirsty, we need to eat and drink. There is no way to escape these, even--for example--in Buddhism they hide all of the sexual information and sex mantras, but left all of the "you must do good things" just like Christianity and Islam. This is very unhealthy because the more we hold back then the more we crave for it and cannot resist or lose control. Brothel exist in all civilization especially large empire/kingdom, from 50,000bc Atlantis era until now.

This is renting service from multiple gods where you pay to get a portal-key that will last for 1 month for you to carry with on your astral body. So what does it do?
  • your astral body will be given a key to open a portal. Just think what type of being or race that you want to enjoy and play with, then the portal will open and send you to the race you choose (all will be consenting)
  • once you enter the portal you will find yourself in a private room. The place is known as a "pocket realm" and each race has their own special environment
  • each place or room will have a god/goddess in charge there. Talk to them what type of fun you want, solo or up to the maximum of 10 beings, and pick your preference of gender and sexual orientation, then the god/goddess will call what you request.
  • best to go when you are ready to sleep as you will be more relaxed 
  • once relaxed, your astral body won't be able to move for the 10hr intimate ritual, which will be performed to extend your energy capacity permanently, increase your immune system and remove whatever negative things in your system such as parasites and hexes. Physical illnesses can be alleviated too, it depends on how much you are spiritually developed.
  • when the intimate ritual completes, your astral body will automatically teleport back to you.

  • Added another option. $1 = 1 time use key no expiry. Each session last for 10hr OR once you came out from the portal consider used. If you purchase example $15 it can be use 15 times. You can top usage any time. For those already have the key, once purchase successful it will automatically increase usage without having to wait for order to complete.
  • Added permanent key, no expiry and unlimited usage.

The beings are specialized to train you to increase your maximum energy and increase your immune system permanently. They will work you out till over drain your energy and you will suffer an NDE (near death experience) due to a negative energy capacity. The NDE can manifest as anxiety, shortness of breath, muscle pain, a feeling of impending doom, extreme dehydration, stomach pain, acid reflux, and more.  You may also feel very tired into the following day. After an increase of maximum energy capacity and immunity permanently, your astral body can perform magick, astral combat, astral travel, use psychis abilities that can last longer, and build yourself up to be able to resist all elements better than before--for example flu, cough, fire magick, curse, ect. Similar to building stamina for the physical body, but this is even better--especially receive healing magick into your physical body, this will receive the magick to be even more effective.

What being race can i choose?
I also will let you all know the gods in charge, what gender they are. Normally all gods are bisexual shapeshifter.
  • succubus/incubus by Lilith(female)
  • fox spirit by Ri(female)
  • carpathian vampire by Denka(male)
  • cambion by Zuzu(female)
  • baobhan sith by Kuluthu(female)
  • lunar rabbit by Shin Wen(female)
  • tiger folk by Hu Fei Xing(male)
  • snake demon by Hua Wu Li(female)
  • neko or cat folk by Bast(female)
  • were animal by Luzufar(male), need to ask what animal species you want
  • mershark by Poseidon(male)
  • kalma by Medusa(female), similar to gorgon or like medusa
  • wizard/witch by Tempest The Karon(male)
  • cat sidhe by Lady Bellerdia(female)
  • lizardman by Lord Adukunar(male)
  • siren by Heif(male)
  • moon dancer/caller by Magistrate Kung Lao(male)
  • satyr by Dionysus(male)
  • cyclops by Hesiod(male)
  • hellhound by Hel(female)
  • oni (know as japanese ogre) by Jerukada(male)
  • spider shifter by Gong Xiang(female)
  • scorpion shifter by Tallek(female)
  • tanuki/raccoon dog folk by Sadara(female)
  • octopus shifter by Poseidon(male)
  • nympho by Zeus(male)
  • apsara (female only) by Paritha(female)
  • alya (female only) by Sekdukuar(female)
  • piqura(sexual harpy) by Greydar(female)
  • valkyrie (female only) by Freya(female)
  • merfolk (mermaid and merman) by Poseidon(male)
  • concuan by Dusukar(male)
  • dryad by Ehmar(female)
  • ARVIVIANNE and ARVILLIAN UBIS by Voria(female)
All angels, djinns, dragons, horses, elves, vampires and winged beings race can be sexual. (dragons, horses, winged beings they are magical creature its not obvious if they can shapeshift) Please join our community to see the list https://discord.gg/BUvt9tN
As for ELF and some other race and gods, we don't really carry much information on them as I do not really work with them, but I can list them out below:
  • High elf
  • Dark elf
  • Snow elf
  • Desert elf
  • Wood elf
  • Blood elf
  • Gold elf
  • Techno elf
All angels by Esther(female)
All demons by Satan(male) except race of void demon, nino demon, icarus, balrog, sangui, keddin hound, cerberus
All dragons by Yui(female) except race of 5 element, blood, platinum, chaos, savage void
All djinns by Iskandar(male)
All elves by Greijh(male)
All horses by Keridar(male)
All vampire by Hina(female)
All winged beings by Porezo(female) except harpy

I'm tired or what about I just want to have fun, can I still go?
Yes, you can ask for fun and healing only.

Are they okay if I disrespect them?
I'm sure you don't want to be disrespected yourself; treat others the way you want to be treated. Mistakes are okay. Remember you are always watched by the gods and goddesses governing them for this service. 

Can I do multiple sex parties?
Yes, if you still can go on. Example after fox spirit, then you open another portal to another being race then jump in. Be sure tell the beings from your first session not to drain you so that you have energy for another session.

What if during the party I suddenly fall asleep?
Your astral body is sentient, it will continue to play with them.

What if I get addicted?
Then no game until you know how to control yourself.

What if the god/goddess already call the beings here, but I suddenly want to change my mind and don't want play, or I want to switch the session to another race or gender?
Change gender, solo or group is okay--but not race. Always think carefully what you really want, don't be troublesome.

Can I tell them how I want to be serve? 
Yes. Dominant or passive, role-play, kinks, fetishes, or ask them to give their best ; whatever idea you can think of that they can accept.

Can the god or goddess join too? 
Yes, just ask them. They will if they like, or they will decline.

Can I bring my companion or have someone to join?
No, except you only.

Will I or any of the beings end up getting pregnant?
No, we have a strict protocol here. We also don't encourage you to do that or else the deities will ban you.

Does building immunity mean I can be immune to certain elements 100%?
No, first of all not everything is permanent. Example some agent say their binding is powerful that cannot be broken. Think logically they use the word powerful. Which mean if the spell used to break the binding is even more powerful, then it means their binding still can be broken. Someone will always be more powerful than you, so immunity is something you have to keep building. We never stop growing. 

Can I have multiple race in 1 place/room?
Unfortunately each deity works on their own. So nope.

I can't astral project can I use this portal?
Your astral body is sentient on its own, so yes even if you don't know how, your astral body knows what to do.

Can I purchase the key in advance or top up anytime after it expires?
Yes, you can purchase and extra amount(s) to extend from the expired date. For the ones that have already expired, once you purchase again the key will automatically top up and activate again.

The 10hr ritual will work whether awake or sleep?

Would it be alright if I don’t partake in sex with the entities? Would cuddling be alright?
Yes, no problem if no intercourse action. As long as you allow them to drain you for energy-building and increasing immunity, then that can be the session.

How exactly would the experience manifest? Would it be more of a dream so to speak? Would it be possible to recall the memories?
It's all happening in your mind/remote view by 3rd eye (using your astral body). If you sleep, dreams depends for every individual. Yes can recall memories of what you did.

How often can I do this? Once a week? Doing it every day/night will be a bad idea?
Unlimited times. Once after the 10hr ritual, you can proceed another new fun session or training. Be sure you are hydrated and not too tired to continue the training otherwise, just go there to have fun, relax and have a healing.

I'm afraid its too intense that I won't be able to handle it, how?
Ask the god/dess in charge for advice on how many beings they think you can handle (or simply request that you be given enough of what you can handle).

I like the beings that serve me, can I take them as companion if we like each other?
The beings are in contract with their gods. You can ask them.

Will I suffer NDE (near death experience) just by fun and relax? Also is the fun and relax need to do until 10 hour?
No, except training and only training have to perform the 10hr ritual. Even if just for fun or relax, I would advice go through 10hr cause this is one the best opportunity to bond and get to know the race you choose more better and I'm sure not all beings just want to play such short period of time.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated enough by drinking a lot water, or else the beings will not work you to the full capacity.

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